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Kallaroo body not suspicious police.

It is believed the woman got into trouble after being stopped by a passerby outside her property, near the junction of the LNP and the Labor Party lines, in Campbelltown on Saturday, September 10.

She was pulled over by two officers at about 4pm, then her car was searched on the side of the road at an address in Woomakaukee.

Police did not find any drugs or weapons.

Ms Kalar, from Hintonburg, said the girl had left the vehicle before any search was made.

”It is not yet known whether she is the girlfriend of one of the officers or a potential suspect,” Police Sergeant Mike Smith said.

”The officer has advised the girl’s family of their concerns.”

A post office box at the location was open to pick up a letter and a small bag from her sister-in-law to her parents when officers arrived and told them it was possible Ms Kalar had gone out to buy more food.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she was horrified when she heard the girl’s car had been driven away.

She had just taken a day off work to visit her younger sister-in-law in Sydney.

”It was really very upsetting,” she said.